Born in the month of August on a day when heavens opened up like a flooded reservoir because my parents told me it rained heavily when I was born. Perhaps that’s why I have always felt a strong connection with the monsoon. On all those monsoon Sunday afternoons when my family used to gather in the living room watching the special movies, I remember sneaking outside, trying hard to make sense of the deep nostalgia the fall of rain evoked in me. Being a person with hyperactive imagination, I weaved strange stories of my childhood days to explain the urge to drop everything and watch when it rained. But till date I am still no where close to understanding that obsession but I learned I didn’t need to understand it at all. I could just whoop it up instead….so now I really enjoy spending some days chasing monsoon every year in every possible way, filling up a jar full of memories tinged with stormy skies and surreal views.

I just loveeeeeeee monsoon to the core❤, here comes the monsoon and I feel happy again for no reason.As a kid, it was also a good time as it bought a hope of happiness because of the probability of a sudden holiday due to rains :p I have the most unique and most emotional bonding with rain.
I remember watching two rain drops run down the car window and pretending they are racing…
Thousands of Childhood memories are associated with rain.
I always annoyed my mum by dancing and playing out in the verandah when it rained… Just as i grew up, I felt more connected to the nature and its beauty. It even touched me emotionally and have healed me when i was alone. I find every chance to take a walk so that i could get drenched in rain, the lush and the green grass, the swinging trees, the singing birds, the soothing breeze and splashing in puddles are some of the temptations, I definitely can’t avoid…
How can I forget to mention one of the strongest reasons why I deeply love monsoon, it is the scent of wet earth aka petrichor, It makes you shut your eyes and breathe in the hypnotic fresh earthy scent,followed by a hot bath at home, mouth watering spicy hot pakoras and curling up with a blanket and steaming hot chai, time comes to a standstill when I sip a cup of tea, especially adrak tea❤… while watching the rain droplets touching the ground, so for me endless cups of chai is a must if it’s pouring outside. I vividly remember the memories of my childhood days when it used to rain, I used to sit with my family & friends in the balcony, we used to watch it rain, chat,joke,sing and enjoy. We would play Carom, Ludo and bingo. Apart from the long walks, eating delicious snacks…the cold weather, the chilling winds and the random lightning …I also love reading during the monsoon.

For me, rain is thousands of emotions in one moment. It brings so much of nostalgia. I also cherish those days when I went on a trip to my favourite place in India, Dalhousie.
It is in Himachal Pradesh (India), it is such an amazing place, In winter it is full of snow fall and in summer it becomes green. Last to last year I visited this place…this was my third trip to the same place.Once you visit this place it always keep on calling you.I went there with my family and we stayed there for four days and had lot of fun. Memories of this location always remain fresh in my mind. The USP of this heavenly beauty is… it is not at all crowded like other hill stations, the silence of this place with occasional humming of unknown birds makes this place one of the most alluring places in India. My trip was a wonderful one and the memories will linger especially due to the majestic views of the mountains. But the incredible part of the trip were the heavy rainfalls, as it was July….monsoon arrived with dense clouds and never ending showers. It used to rain for hours and hours. I remember one was around the hotel where we stayed, during the monsoon the view of the lake was breathtakingly beautiful.

So monsoon is the time of the year which makes me immensely happy and refresh…I thoroughly enjoy all these things like the joy of evening walks once the shower settles down, the taste of crunchy pakoras, the spirit of romantic songs that didn’t sound the same otherwise. Monsoon has its own indescribable joys, the first shower of rain is always special. I will not forget to add the essence of romance in the drizzling days of bewitching monsoon..
I adore listening to a romantic song or sharing an umbrella close with my special one💕.

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